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When the provisions in the Codes are fully implemented by all forensic science providers and practitioners and are understood by all end users, the potential for a forensic science quality failure to cause a miscarriage of justice will be substantially reduced. This is of course why, despite the challenging financial environment, the requirement to comply is so crucially important. The Codes are intended to assist organisations with understanding and interpreting the requirements of the standards, particularly BS/EN ISO/IEC 17025. Later this year, there will be a more in-depth review of the Codes, to ensure the requirements of BS/EN ISO/IEC 17020 and ILAC G19:08/2014 are fully reflected.


The Forensic Science Regulators Code of Practice and Conduct are intended to assist all relevant organisations with understanding and interpreting the requirements of ISO 17025, which covers all areas of forensic examinations to enable them to be used as evidence.

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