The catalogue shows the list of known published standards utilised in policing covering 3 main categories namely, Technical, Security and Business. This list will become richer and more comprehensive over time as the catalogue matures.

There are two main sources for standards:-

  • Internally created standards which have been developed by the NPTC Standards Working Group and their content will be embedded within the page and viewable directly
  • External standards which will be shown in terms of their document detail and an abstract with a link to the relevant standard, including Usage scenarios where assessed.
Reference Title Status
bps00001-1-2017-06 NPTS Framework Overview Review
bps00001-2-2017-06 NPTS Framework Governance Review
bps00001-3-2017-06 NPTS Framework Process Review
bps00001-4-2017-06 NPTS Framework Style Guide Review
bps00001-5-2017-06 NPTS Framework Nomenclature Current
bps00001-6-2017-06 NPTS Framework Catalogue Obsoleted
bps00001-7-2017-06 NPTS Framework Template Review
bps01362-0000-00 Google Apps for work security guidance - email (NCSC) Review
bps01527-0000-00 Implementing the cloud security principles (NCSC) Review
bps01586-0000-00 National Occupation Standards (For Justice) Current
bps01657-0000-00 Information security management systems -- Requirements Review
bps03148-0000-00 Statistics - Vocabulary and symbols - General statistical terms and terms used in probability Current
bps03167-0000-00 Security Policy Framework Review
bps03264-0000-00 Digital outcomes and specialists audit trail guidance Review
bps03546-0000-00 Cyber Essentials Plus Review
bps03698-0000-00 End user device - security principles (NCSC) Current
bps03895-0000-00 Open government Review
bps04196-0000-00 Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Review
bps04217-0000-00 Protective Monitoring GPG13 Review
bps04258-0000-00 Risk management and risk analysis in practice (NCSC) Review
bps04512-0000-00 Digital outcomes and specialists 1 call-off contract Review
bps04936-0000-00 Security Techniques -- Code of Practice for Information Security Controls Review
bps06275-0000-00 Application Security -- Part 2- Organization Normative Framework Review
bps07125-0000-00 Open Data Charter Review
bps07234-0000-00 HOLMES3 v0.4 Review
bps07834-0000-00 ICO GDPR guidance- Contracts and liabilities between Controllers and Processors Review
bps07894-0000-00 Code of Practice for Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in Public Clouds acting as PII Processors Review
bps08647-0000-00 API documentation for Registers Review
bps08762-0000-00 G-Cloud 9 call-off contract Review
bps09187-0000-00 Internet edge device security (NCSC) Review
bps09326-0000-00 G-Cloud 9 collaboration agreement Review
bps09356-0000-00 10 steps - home and mobile working (NCSC) Review
bps09524-0000-00 Records Management Standard Current
bps09856-0000-00 Statistical methods for use in proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons Current
bps10267-0000-00 Police and criminal evidence act (PACE) 1984 Review
bps10467-0000-00 Vehicle Makes and Models v2017.8 Review
bps10795-2018-08 Testing for accessibility Review
bps12056-0000-00 How to set your evaluation criteria when buying Digital Outcomes and Specialist services Review
bps12425-0000-00 Professional Standards Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps12430-0000-00 Ways to assess digital outcomes and specialists suppliers Review
bps12964-0000-00 APP on Information Management Current
bps13067-0000-00 Statutory Audits of Annual and Consolidated Accounts Current
bps14066-0000-00 Risk Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps14283-0000-00 Common cyber attacks - reducing the impact (NCSC) Review
bps14298-0000-00 Digital services - operating a secure digital service (NCSC) Review
bps14836-0000-00 Quality Management Systems Current
bps15439-0000-00 HR v0.1 Review
bps15792-0000-00 EUD Security Guidance- Windows 10 Review
bps16042-0000-00 Securing your cloud environment Review
bps16245-0000-00 eMarketplace - a guide for public sector buyers Review
bps16260-0000-00 Road Policing Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps16275-0000-00 Mobilisation Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps16391-0000-00 Major Investigation and Public Protection Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps16397-0000-00 Quality Management Systems - Guidelines for performance improvement Current
bps16835-0000-00 Stop and Search Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps16894-0000-00 Information technology -- Security techniques -- Guidelines for identification, collection, acquisition and preservation of digital evidence Current
bps17069-0000-00 The phishing threat following data breaches (NCSC) Review
bps17230-0000-00 UK Digital Strategy Review
bps17258-0000-00 Risk management collection (NCSC) Review
bps17405-0000-00 GOV.UK Pay overview Review
bps17672-0000-00 Mental Health Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps17879-0000-00 Intelligence Management Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps18264-0000-00 GOV.UK Proposition overview Review
bps18630-1-0000-00 Information Systems Strategy for the Police Service (ISS4PS) - Volume one Review
bps18630-2-0000-00 Information Systems Strategy for the Police Service (ISS4PS) - Volume Two Review
bps18651-1-2012-09 Two Way Interface - Police/CPS PCD XML Interface - Business Process Document Current
bps18651-3-2017-06 Police/CPS XML Interface Version 2 – Physical Specification Review
bps18651-4-2017-06 Data Schema- Police - CPS Messages Version 2 Review
bps18749-2017-07 Biometric Standards – Requirements and Information for Partners and their Suppliers Review
bps19254-0000-00 G-Cloud buyers’ guide Review
bps19278-0000-00 10 steps - monitoring (NCSC) Review
bps19418-0000-00 Having confidence in cyber security (NCSC) Review
bps19506-0000-00 Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 - Section 23 Code of Practice Current
bps19526-0000-00 Provisioning and securing security certificates (NCSC) Review
bps19730-0000-00 Specification for consumables used in the collection, preservation and processing of material for forensic analysis - Requirements for product, manufacturing and forensic kit assembly. Current
bps19806-0000-00 Use of private emails Review
bps20023-0000-00 Engagement and Communication Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps20392-0000-00 Detention and Custody Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps20547-0000-00 Transaction monitoring for HMG online service providers Review
bps20666-0000-00 Public Order Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps20763-0000-00 Service Management - Requirements Review
bps20764-0000-00 Identity assurance - delivering trusted transactions Review
bps20905-0000-00 Operations Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps20917-0000-00 Crown Commercial Service (CCS) agreements search Review
bps21094-0000-00 Open Document Format (ODF) Guidance Review
bps21119-0000-00 Armed Policing Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps21385-0000-00 Information Management Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps21953-0000-00 Information Security Management -- Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation Review
bps22807-0000-00 Civil Emergencies Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps23488-0000-00 Prosecution and Case Management Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps23701-0000-00 Guide to Data Analysis and Quality Control Using Custom Techniques. Current
bps24197-0000-00 Identity assurance hub service SAML 2.0 profile Review
bps24351-0000-00 Criminal Justice System Exchange Data Standards Catalogue Review
bps24531-0000-00 Digital Investigation and Intelligence Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps24576-0000-00 Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) Current
bps24631-0000-00 National Decision Model Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps25439-1-0000-00 ACRO Checks - Basic Standard Review
bps25439-2-0000-00 ACRO Checks - Immigration Services Use of Response Review
bps25439-3-0000-00 ACRO Checks - Police Use of Response Review
bps25638-0000-00 Protecting your service against fraud Review
bps26043-0000-00 Electronic Imaging - Test Target for the black-and-white scanning of office documents Current
bps26325-0000-00 Policing Elections Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps26609-0000-00 Critical Incident Management Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps26943-0000-00 Digital Marketplace suppliers’ guide Review
bps27136-0000-00 Information security risk management Current
bps27180-0000-00 GOV.UK Registers overview Review
bps27486-0000-00 Security Techniques -- Guidelines for Cybersecurity Review
bps27560-0000-00 CorDM v7.3 Review
bps27901-0000-00 End user device strategy - security framework and controls Review
bps28187-2017-06 National ICT Strategic Principles Review
bps28305-0000-00 Digital outcomes and specialists 2 call-off contract Review
bps28437-0000-00 G8 Open Data Charter National Action Plan Review
bps28916-2014-10 Authentication credentials for online government services Review
bps28947-0000-00 Covert Policing Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps29560-0000-00 Digital outcomes and specialists 2 framework agreement Review
bps30124-0000-00 User Experience Guidance Review
bps30175-0000-00 Open Data Strategy Review
bps30594-0000-00 Technical Product Documentation and Specification Review
bps30826-0000-00 Public procurement policy Review
bps31578-0000-00 Digital services - managing cyber security risk in a digital service (NCSC) Review
bps31744-0000-00 Investigation Authorised Professional Practice Review
bps32098-0000-00 Industry Security Notices (ISN) Review
bps32154-0000-00 End user device strategy - design and implementation Review
bps32798-0000-00 10 steps - secure configuration (NCSC) Review
bps34109-0000-00 How to Publish on GOV.UK Review
bps34152-0000-00 Guidance - Government network policy changes Review
bps34576-0000-00 Criminal justice system- data standards forum guidance Review
bps35290-0000-00 G-Cloud 9 framework agreement Review
bps35698-0000-00 Denial of service attacks - what you need to know (NCSC) Review
bps35708-0000-00 Technology service principles Review
bps35780-0000-00 Business Continuity Management Systems - Requirements Review
bps35896-0000-00 User research for government services - an introduction Review
bps36125-0000-00 Criminal Intelligence Analysis manual for analysts Current
bps36284-0000-00 Data protection act 1998 Review
bps36784-0000-00 Cross Platform Character Encoding Review
bps36890-0000-00 Technology Code of Practice Review
bps37650-0000-00 CLMS v5.3.1021 Review
bps37916-0000-00 Introducing the UK public sector DNS Review
bps38054-0000-00 The phishing threat following data breaches (NCSC) Review
bps38259-0000-00 DCMS digital strategy Review
bps38569-0000-00 API documentation for GOV.UK Pay Review
bps38705-0000-00 How to make changes to your published digital outcomes and specialists requirements Review
bps39021-0000-00 Digital outcomes and specialist buyers’ guide Review
bps39041-0000-00 Identity assurance - organisation identity Review
bps39176-0000-00 Guidance - Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Review
bps39415-0000-00 How to email your users Review
bps39526-0000-00 Data sharing for the prevention of fraud - code of practice Review
bps39576-0000-00 Security Techniques - Guidance for Code of Practice for Security Controls Review
bps39714-0000-00 NMIS v3.0 Review
bps39762-0000-00 Android application development guidance (NCSC) Review
bps40179-2018-05 Generic Application Development Guidance Review
bps40832-0000-00 How to answer supplier questions about your outcomes and specialist requirements Review
bps40839-0000-00 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Review
bps41589-0000-00 Identity proofing and verification of an individual Review
bps42756-0000-00 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration in laboratories Current
bps42763-0000-00 Digital outcomes and specialists suppliers’ guide Review
bps42873-0000-00 Security governance, enabling sensible risk management decisions and communication (NCSC) Review
bps43279-0000-00 Digital Marketplace buyers’ guide Review
bps43698-0000-00 10 steps - user education and awareness (NCSC) Review
bps45236-0000-00 IDENT1 v0.2 Review
bps45362-0000-00 Geographic information. Preservation of digital data and metadata. Fundamentals Current
bps45368-0000-00 Information technology. Biometric data interchange formats. Current
bps45690-0000-00 Guiding principles on cyber security Review
bps45897-2016-09 NCSC Guidelines on Storage Device Disposal Review
bps46321-0000-00 Multi Agency Incident Transfer Review
bps47095-0000-00 Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information Current
bps47532-0000-00 Representation of dates and times -- Part 1_Basic rules Review
bps48029-0000-00 End user device strategy - interoperability standards Review
bps48190-0000-00 Cyber security guidance for business Review
bps48367-0000-00 G7 fundamental elements for cyber security Review
bps48693-0000-00 Understanding user needs Review
bps49150-0000-00 Government cloud strategy Review
bps49381-0000-00 Audit Requirements Review
bps49760-0000-00 Digital outcomes and specialists - digital specialist roles Review
bps49826-0000-00 Open formats implementation plan Review
bps49850-0000-00 10 steps - removable media controls (NCSC) Review
bps49873-0000-00 CRASH v1.1 Review
bps50324-0000-00 Buying technology - how Crown Commercial Service (CCS) can help Review
bps50328-0000-00 Common areas of spend - data definitions Review
bps50743-0000-00 Microsoft Office 365 guidance - email (NCSC) Review
bps50836-0000-00 Digital Services - building a secure digital service (NCSC) Review
bps51960-2017-04 078 17 CCC April 2017 24 Better Understanding Demand Policing the Future Current
bps52037-0000-00 Risk management introduction Review
bps52410-2015-03 Digital Case File Data Requirements Review
bps52489-0000-00 10 steps - network security (NCSC) Review
bps52976-0000-00 Sharing wide area network connections in shared buildings Review
bps53076-0000-00 Information technology – Security techniques – Code of practice for information security management. Current
bps53794-0000-00 Government transformation strategy Review
bps54638-0000-00 Sharing workplace wireless networks Review
bps54680-0000-00 Digital Imaging Procedure V2.1 Publication No. 58/07 Current
bps54907-0000-00 Password guidance summary - How to protect against password-guessing attacks (NCSC) Review
bps56178-0000-00 Investigatory Powers Act Review
bps56389-0000-00 Retrieval of Video Evidence and Production of Working Copies from Digital CCTV Systems v2.0 Current
bps56720-0000-00 GOV.UK Notify overview Review
bps56792-0000-00 Cyber Essentials Review
bps57324-0000-00 Managing the risk of cloud-enabled products (NCSC) Review
bps57342-0000-00 Framework for developing long-term preservation strategy for digital material Current
bps57362-0000-00 How to award a contract when you buy services through the Digital Marketplace Review
bps57938-0000-00 Working with cookies and similar technologies Review
bps58291-0000-00 10 steps - incident management (NCSC) Review
bps59182-0000-00 Terms and conditions of Digital Marketplace frameworks Review
bps59240-0000-00 Code of Practice on the Management of Police Information Current
bps59268-0000-00 Set up government email services securely Review
bps59274-0000-00 Securing government email Review
bps59376-0000-00 GOV.UK Verify overview Review
bps59478-0000-00 Societal security -- Business continuity management systems -- Guidance. Current
bps59481-0000-00 10 Steps to Cyber Security Review
bps59768-0000-00 How to sell your digital outcomes and specialist services Review
bps60128-0000-00 Guidance - Set up government email services securely Review
bps60142-0000-00 Analytical Procedures used in auditing Current
bps60413-0000-00 IaaS - Managing your responsibilities (NCSC) Review
bps60498-0000-00 How to write your requirements for digital outcomes and specialist services Review
bps60528-0000-00 Cabinet Office spend controls guidance version 4.0 Review
bps61027-0000-00 Digital Witness Statement Review
bps61082-0000-00 Digital outcomes and specialists templates and legal documents Review
bps61580-0000-00 Open standards principles Review
bps61728-0000-00 Cyber security regulation and incentives review Review
bps62489-2014-04 CPNI's Secure Destruction of Sensitive Items Review
bps62517-0000-00 Email security standards Review
bps62591-0000-00 Becoming a custodian Review
bps62784-0000-00 MP Custody v1.0 Review
bps63285-0000-00 Making new source code open by default Review
bps64013-0000-00 Guidance on the integrated implementation of ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 20000-1 Review
bps64135-0000-00 How to assess a hosting business case Review
bps64205-0000-00 10 steps - managing user privileges (NCSC) Review
bps64502-0000-00 Digital Economy Act 2017 Review
bps64907-0000-00 Standard guide for Forensic Digital Image Processing Current
bps64938-0000-00 How Digital Marketplace suppliers have been evaluated Review
bps65270-0000-00 Manual of Guidance: The Freedom of Information Act v6 Current
bps65482-2015-06 Equality Act 2010 Review
bps65902-0000-00 NIST SPF Review
bps65912-0000-00 Creating a register Review
bps65928-0000-00 Using registers to build a service Review
bps67215-0000-00 Guidance on departmental information risk policy Review
bps67240-0000-00 Guidance - Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) Review
bps67315-0000-00 How to ask users for their email address Review
bps67539-0000-00 Working with open standards Review
bps68059-0000-00 Resource Description Framework (RDF) Current
bps68415-0000-00 10 steps - malware prevention (NCSC) Review
bps68497-0000-00 National Information Risk Appetite Statement Review
bps68723-0000-00 HMG IA Standard Numbers 1 and 2 Information Risk Management Review
bps69853-0000-00 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Review
bps70561-0000-00 Contract capability contract management standards Review
bps70863-0000-00 Cloud First Policy Review
bps70982-0000-00 Password guidance - simplifying your approach (NCSC) Review
bps71548-2017-09 Best Practice for Biometric Capture Review
bps71938-0000-00 Statistical methods in process management - Capability and performance. Part 1: General principles and concepts Current
bps72081-0000-00 Learning about users and their needs Review
bps72304-0000-00 Public sector organisations eligible to use Digital Marketplace Review
bps72385-0000-00 Body Worn Video Guidance Current
bps73091-0000-00 G-Cloud suppliers’ guide Review
bps73482-0000-00 Digital Marketplace buyers and suppliers information Review
bps73624-0000-00 ACPO-NPIA Guidance on the Management of Police Information Second Edition 2010 Review
bps73981-0000-00 How to shortlist digital outcomes and specialists suppliers Review
bps75348-0000-00 Digital outcomes and specialists 1 framework agreement Review
bps75483-0000-00 Introduction - Understanding Cloud Security (NCSC) Review
bps75820-0000-00 10 tips to cyber security (NCSC) Review
bps76349-0000-00 How to evaluate digital outcomes and specialist suppliers Review
bps78195-0000-00 Lean sourcing - guidance for public sector buyers Review
bps78219-0000-00 New computerised transit system (NCTS) email - service availability and issues Review
bps78231-0000-00 Secure Sanitisation of Storage Media Review
bps79102-0000-00 Network Security -- Part 1- Overview and Concepts Review
bps79306-0000-00 When code should be open or closed Review
bps79540-0000-00 Commercial operating standards for government Review
bps79618-0000-00 National Intelligence Model (NIM) Review
bps80127-0000-00 Guide to Statistical Interpretation of Data. Routine Analysis of Quantitative Data Current
bps80219-0000-00 Statistical interpretation of data. Determination of statistical tolerance intervals Current
bps80416-0000-00 Vulnerable Localities Index Current
bps80523-0000-00 Ransomware - latest NCSC guidance (NCSC) Review
bps80736-0000-00 Data protection - Specification for a personal information management system Current
bps81425-0000-00 FSR Code of Practice and Conduct Current
bps81524-0000-00 National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 Review
bps81657-0000-00 Cyber security supplier to government scheme Review
bps82567-0000-00 C and C v0.1 Review
bps82569-0000-00 Data elements and interchange formats - Information interchange - Representation of dates and times Current
bps82751-0000-00 How to talk about being a supplier on the Digital Marketplace Review
bps83126-0000-00 Control charts Part 1: General guidelines Current
bps83567-0000-00 Government network policy changes Review
bps83625-0000-00 Guidance - Securing Government Email Review
bps84501-0000-00 Open standards for government data and technology Review
bps84739-0000-00 Guidelines for information and Communications Technology Disaster Recovery Services Review
bps85264-0000-00 Defence cyber protection partnership - an overview Review
bps85397-0000-00 How to manage your digital outcomes and specialists contract Review
bps86371-0000-00 Choosing technology - an introduction Review
bps86405-0000-00 European Pool against Organised Crime (EPOC IV) v1.0 Review
bps86709-0000-00 Information and documentation – Records management processes – Metadata for records Current
bps87213-0000-00 Introducing registers Review
bps87235-0000-00 Information Technology - Digital compression and coding of continuous tone still images: Requirements and guidelines (JPEG) Current
bps87459-0000-00 Apps you shouldn’t build Review
bps87905-0000-00 Information Systems Community Security Policy Current
bps89105-0000-00 How to buy Digital Marketplace services fairly Review
bps89216-2017-01 Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) Review
bps89305-0000-00 End user device - security collection (NCSC) Current
bps89520-0000-00 Registers guidance Review
bps89706-0000-00 Digital services - designing a secure digital service (NCSC) Review
bps90268-0000-00 Guidelines for information and communication technology readiness for business continuity Review
bps90462-0000-00 NSPIS Custody v0.2 Review
bps90481-0000-00 G-Cloud 9 alternative clauses Review
bps90548-0000-00 Public sector discounts for software Review
bps90583-0000-00 Organisational design for digital delivery Review
bps90764-0000-00 Guide to quality control and performance improvement using qualitative (attribute) data. Current
bps90861-0000-00 End User Devices- Security Principles Review
bps90862-0000-00 Security considerations when coding in the open Review
bps91278-0000-00 G-Cloud 9 guarantee Review
bps91524-2015-11 Securing Technology at OFFICIAL Review
bps91823-0000-00 Talking to suppliers before you buy Digital Marketplace services Review
bps92154-0000-00 NFLMS v0.1 Review
bps93056-0000-00 Identity assurance hub service profiles - SAML attributes Review
bps93074-0000-00 Security Techniques - Guidance for Code of Practice for Security Controls Review
bps93471-0000-00 Guidance - DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Review
bps93680-2017-06 Code of practice for the deployment and use of Body Worn Video (BWV) Current
bps94312-0000-00 VPFPO v0.1 Review
bps94781-0000-00 Information Security Management Standard Current
bps94806-0000-00 Government supplier assurance framework Review
bps94820-0000-00 Government Approach to Assisted Digital Review
bps95307-0000-00 Open Source Initiative Review
bps95410-0000-00 Guidance - Transport Layer Security (TLS) Guidance Review
bps95706-0000-00 Legal Obligations (Issue 5) Current
bps96024-0000-00 How to score digital outcomes and specialist suppliers Review
bps96143-0000-00 Apple iOS application development guidance (NCSC) Review
bps96154-0000-00 System administration architecture (NCSC) Review
bps96352-0000-00 Surveillance Camera Code of Practice Current
bps96514-0000-00 Guidance on the application of ISO 17025 - Dealing with expressions of opinions and interpretations Current
bps97084-0000-00 Protecting your organisation from ransomware (NCSC) Review
bps97450-0000-00 Police Use of Digital Images Current
bps97541-0000-00 Statutory Code of Practice on the Management of Police Information (MoPI Code of Practice) Review
bps97834-0000-00 Identity assurance hub services profile - authentication contexts Review
bps98012-0000-00 APP on Intelligence Management - Analysis Current
bps98074-0000-00 The Way We Work (TW3) - best practice guidelines for smarter working Review
bps98201-0000-00 Making your Service Accessible - An Introduction Review
bps98651-0000-00 Procurement policy note 07/15 - open standards for technology Review